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Dear visitor, welcome to the official page where you can find fixed matches online. As said before, nowadays there are a lot of websites who are trying to sell "fixed matches". Have you ever asked yourself is those pages are real? Do they provide you any certificate of registration a company or verification? If no, they don't have it. This is the only real and verified company (with proofs) where you can find free as well as premium games. FixedSoccer.Online is a company registered back in 2011. Since 2011 we provide the most accurate online premium soccer games. Company is verified by 3 independent monitoring organizations. Also, the company's website has trust verified badge and is marked as "safe to use" Dear user, if you were searching on Google for real fixed matches, and you found this website, you are on the right place!

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First hand soccer information

Get the most reliable soccer betting information right now! Yes, dear visitor, here on this website you can find the most accurate information about soccer betting matches. Keep in mind that we got the info from first hand. What does that mean? Well, it means that we set the match final result. Many of you think that it is easy to set the match result. On the contrary, it is too hard. In order to set the match and get first hand information you have to do multiple tasks. First and most important are the money, the first hand information costs a lot. Second, you have to know the right person from which you will get the information. Third, you must be 100% sure in the information.

Get fixed matches

In order to get premium matches, we invest a lot. In other words this company is paying a lot of money to set the match result, especially for the more famous teams and leagues. How we do it and why, we will explain it now. At the present time everything in the life is about making a profit. Be that as it may, easiest way to make big profit in just 90 minutes is to fix a soccer match. For example, two years ago, we set a match in Champions League. Although many of you thinks that it's impossible, well, nowadays everything is possible. However, to set such that famous competition is not easy and it requires a lot of connections and monetary assets. As an illustration, final result of the game was 4-4. However, let's not to mention the teams during security of the clubs and players.

How can I get a fixed match?

Surely you can get a fixed match from us. In fact, this is the only real place where you can get it from. In order to get the game, the only thing you have to do is to contact our sales manager, Mr. Brandon Miller. He will guide you through the process. Keep in mind that you have to complete three easy steps. You can get the full guide on "how to get sure fixed matches" here.

Fixed matches services and benefits

Now, lets speak about fixed matches and their benefits, in order to clarify the doubt. In organized sports, match fixing is the act of playing or officiating a match with the intention of achieving a pre-determined result, violating the rules of the game and often the law. There are many reasons why match fixing might take place, including receiving bribes from bookmakers or sports bettors, and blackmail. Competitors may also intentionally perform poorly to gain a future advantage, such as a better draft pick or to face an easier opponent in a later round of competition. A player might also play poorly to rig a handicap system.

Match fixing, when motivated by gambling, requires contacts (and normally money transfers) between gamblers, players, team officials, and/or referees. These contacts and transfers can sometimes be discovered, and lead to prosecution by the law or the sports leagues. In contrast, losing for future advantage is internal to the team and very difficult to prove. Often, substitutions made by a coach designed to deliberately increase the team's chances of losing (such as having key players sit out, using minimal or phantom injuries as an excuse), rather than ordering the players actually on the field to intentionally underperform, are cited as the main factor in cases where this has been alleged. You can read the full article here.

Verified fixed matches source

For one thing you can be fully sure, and it is that is the first verified company providing fixed matches online. As can be seen, this company has the badges "verified business", "fair business" and "verified privacy" which are the most important badges that shows the reliability of a company.

Are you interested to get a fixed match? Okay no problem, you can join us anytime. In fact, we would be glad to have a customer as you are.

Who is the best match fixed?

Wilson Raj Perumal has been labeled the world's most prolific match-fixer in football's recent history. Born a village boy in rural Singapore in the mid-60's, Wilson climbed the heights of international match-fixing across five continents all the way to the World Cup, becoming FIFA's most wanted man.

Fixed matches payments and confirmation

Now in brief we will explain about payments, confirmation and receiving the match. Many of you asks how to make the payment. As has been noted previously here are accepted few payment methods, such as: Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller and Cryptocurrency. What should I do after I complete the payment? – To summarize, after payment is completed, you should send a proof of your payment.